Retail Security Systems in Charlotte, NC

One of the most serious problems that retailers face is theft. Shoplifting and Employee theft have a serious impact on your business. In 2014 a survey of Senior Loss-Prevention Executives for retailers showed that shoplifting accounted for a 38% loss followed by a 34.5% loss accounted for by employee theft. Having a commercial security system installed is a necessity in your retail space. Commercial Security Cameras deter criminal behavior and can save you a lot of money. Commercial Security Cameras can be placed in entrances and exits as well as over cash registers where your customers are placing their transactions. You can also have commercial security cameras on the outside perimeter of your store in the parking lots to help give your customers peace of mind while they are shopping at your establishment.

Commercial Security Options For Your Retail Space:

Commercial Security Cameras:

  • Provide you with 24 hour surveillance of your establishment that can be accessed from any computer, tablet or mobile device.
  • Provide a deterrent to criminals.
  • They protect your merchandise from theft.

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