Intercom System Installation in Charlotte, NC

Site Security, LLC offers Intercom System Installation in NC, SC and GA

There are many advantages to adding an Intercom System to your business. An Intercom System helps keep your business more secure, improves efficiency, increases workplace productivity and communication. Having an Intercom System placed at your entry doors allows your visitors access without someone having to continually monitor the door. Intercom Systems allow you to give your visitors access without having a receptionist. It also enables you to keep a log of who has entered your business. Having an Intercom System allows you to speak with a visitor as well as assist them whether they are at a gate, your entrance, or simply have a delivery for your shipping and receiving entrance. Intercom Systems use audio and some also include video as well. If using a video intercom you can incorporate this with your CCTV to recognize your visitors. There are many types of Intercom Systems and Site Security, LLC can implement a system that is right for you.


  • Helps keep your business secure
  • Improves efficiency in the workplace
  • Increases workplace productivity
  • Provides a great tool for communication
  • Connects to a mobile device to unlock doors/gates remotely
  • Allows you to talk with visitors remotely
  • Provides vital security for businesses as well as apartment buildings

It is time for you to contact Site Security, LLC to invest in an intercom system for your business and improve communication and security within your organization.

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