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As a local business owner in Charlotte, NC we understand the importance behind having an Automatic Gate System to help protect your business or home. Having an Automatic Gate System on your property allows you to know who is coming and going as well as the times they are coming and going from your establishment. They can also be a beautiful entry to your business or home. Not only are Gate Systems esthetically pleasing, but they are also a very convenient way to limit access to some or disable access when needed. An Automatic Gate System is also a good deterrent for those that should not be coming on your premises.

Automatic Gate Operators:

An Automatic Gate Operator is a device that is operated mechanically to open and close a gate. Gate Operators are designed to work with Sliding Gates, Swing Gates, Vertical Lift Gates, and Barrier Gates. Automatic Gate Systems can open and close by a wireless or a manual device.

Benefits of an Automatic Gate System

      • Allow you to keep your property safe
      • Convenient access without getting out of your car
      • Avoid accidents that happen frequently with manual operated gates

Automatic Gate System Installation in NC, SC and GA

Site Security, LLC takes great pride in our gate system installation. We can design the layout of your Automatic Gate System, as well as discuss the different gate options that will work best for your home or business. There are several different types of Automatic Gate Systems to consider. Call Site Security, LLC today to speak with one of our qualified gate technicians about what will work best for you, and have the most impressive Gate System in all of North Carolina, South Carolina and Georgia!

Types of Automatic Gates we install and service in NC, SC, and GA

Swing Gates: Swing Gates open in an inward or outward motion like most of your typical doors. They are a great choice because they are very pleasing to the eye. They come in a variety of styles to suit your property. Swing Gates typically have less repairs and maintenance because they have less moving parts than your gate that slides. They are also very quiet when operating.

Slide Gates: Slide Gates are an excellent alternative when you are unable to install a swing Gate. Sometimes Swing Gates are not an option because of landscaping issues, an upward slope, or limitations. Slide Gates work well in a compact space where you simply do not have the room for a Swing Gate. Slide Gates operate on a track system, or on wheels, and slide from either right to left or left to right depending on your site. They are often very heavy, but have appropriate safety devices, making them one of the safest Automatic Gate Systems available.

Barrier Arm Gates: Barrier Arm Gates are gates typically used in parking garages or busy areas. The arm is lightweight wood or fiberglass and is connected to a motorized operator. The arm will rise into the air and allow vehicles to pass. It automatically closes after the vehicle has cleared the arm. This type of gate usually requires little maintenance. It is more compact and opens and closes very quickly.

Vertical Pivot Gates: Vertical Pivot Gates are a great option for smaller areas. The Vertical Pivot Gate pivots open vertically. It also opens more quickly than most Slide Gates. This gate is a full sized gate that is raised vertically so it requires less space to install. Therefore, this type of gate does require more labor to install because of the size of the concrete pad that is needed to be poured as well as the size of the gate operator.

Site Security, LLC installs and services automatic gate systems in the Charlotte and surrounding areas in NC, SC, and GA.


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