Commercial Security

At Site Security, LLC we understand the threats that businesses face every day with vandalism, theft, and misleading employee behavior. We have years of experience developing system configurations that will secure your business. We can set up a commercial security system that will protect your business by delivering the best quality business security systems whether you have a small business with a small office or you want to secure an entire commercial business park.

Benefits Of Having Our Commercial Security System:

Decrease Criminal Activity

Most criminals avoid areas with Security Cameras. Security Cameras are a deterrent for the average criminal and they usually will move on to the next business without video surveillance making the chances of getting caught less likely.


Customers feel much more comfortable knowing that their personal property is being watched while they are in your business.


A Commercial Security camera provides the extra safety and security for your employees and customers. It also provides extra protection for their cars and valuables.


Ability to view live video from your business at any time remotely from your Smartphone, Computer, Tablet, or Laptop.


Ability to view sharp, clear, quality digital images at your convenience.

Employee Production

Commercial Security Cameras are continuously recording the production of your establishment 24 hours per day. Companies with Commercial Security Cameras see an increase of production from their employees when they know that their employer can monitor their production.

Choosing the right Camera System for your business can be tricky, but that is what Site Security, LLC is here for! We ensure you have the best Commercial Security Cameras for your establishment and get the most return for your investment.

Site Security, LLC offers New Security Camera Installation as well as upgrades to your current system in NC, SC, and GA.


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