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Site Security, LLC offers Commercial Security Camera Installation in NC, SC and GA

There are many benefits to having the ability to monitor your site. Having Commercial Security Cameras professionally installed allows you the ability to monitor your site, customers, and/or employees, remotely or on site. Call Site Security LLC, today to speak with one of our experienced technicians to discuss different Commercial Security Camera options that would be best for your site. We service Charlotte and surrounding areas in NC, SC, and Georgia.


There are many benefits to adding Commercial Security Cameras to your business. Having a local business in the Charlotte, NC area we know firsthand the importance of Commercial Security Cameras from our customers how cameras have prevented criminal activity, protected their customers and employees, increased productivity, and have also led to arrests.

Benefits of having Commercial Security Cameras:

  • Decrease Criminal Activity: Most criminals avoid areas with Security Cameras. Security Cameras are a deterrent for the average criminal and they usually will move on to the next business without video surveillance, making the chances of getting caught less likely.
  • Marketing: Customers feel much more comfortable knowing that their personal property is being watched while they are in your business.
  • Protection: A Commercial Security camera provides the extra safety and security for your employees and customers. It also provides extra protection for their cars and valuables.
  • Convenience: Ability to view live video from your business at any time remotely from your Smartphone, Computer, Tablet, or Laptop.
  • Clarity: Ability to view sharp, clear, quality digital images at your convenience.
  • Employee Production: Commercial Security Cameras are continuously recording the production of your establishment 24 hours per day. Companies with Commercial Security Cameras see an increase of production from their employees when they know that their employer can monitor their production.

    Choosing the right Camera System for your business can be tricky, but that is what Site Security, LLC is here for! We ensure you have the best Commercial Security Cameras for your establishment and get the most return for your investment.

    Security Camera Upgrade:

    Many of our customers who already have Commercial Security Cameras have analog cameras and are looking to switch to IP cameras. Why should I update my analog cameras to IP?

    IP (Internet Protocol) cameras are digital video cameras that have the ability to send and receive information through a computer network, instead of sending feed to a DVR. There are many advantages to switching over to IP.

    Picture Quality: The number one reason is the picture quality you receive with IP. The best analog camera on the market can’t even begin to compare to the resolution you would get with the worst IP camera on the market. IP cameras provide a clear picture as well as having a much wider field of view than an analog camera.

    Cost Effective: One IP camera can take the place of 3-4 Analog cameras because of the increased coverage area that it can view.

    Different types of IP Cameras:

    • Box Camera: A Box Camera is beneficial when you need to view a small area that you may need to zoom in for an up close view. It is aimed in one single direction.
    • Dome Cameras: Dome Cameras can be used indoors or outdoors. The lens can be manually pointed in any direction. It has the capabilities to be used during the day or night. It also has infra-red technology for when there is low light. The discrete dome disguises the direction in which the camera is facing. The Dome Camera also has an Iris lens which allows everything to stay in focus.
    • Bullet Cameras: The Bullet Camera, like the Dome Camera, can be pointed in the direction you desire but, it has better capabilities as far as range and zoom. Bullet Cameras can definitely be seen by others on your site and therefore are a good deterrent. They are appealing to the eye and can come in small sizes. They also can have infra red technology which allows you to have high resolution at night time.
    • Point Tilt and Zoom Cameras (PTZ): Point Tilt and Zoom Cameras have the huge benefit of having the ability to be controlled remotely. You can look at the footage you want at your convenience. This camera can be programmed to view and scan specific areas as well.
    • License Plate Cameras: License Plate Cameras are used to capture images and text from the license plate of vehicles entering or exiting your site. These commonly use infrared technology to allow the picture to be taken at any time of the day.

    Site Security, LLC offers New Security Camera Installation as well as upgrades to your current system in NC, SC, and GA.


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