Access Control System

Site Security LLC, offers many different options with our Access Control Systems including:

Key Pads

Telephone Entry Systems


Prox Readers

Biometric Readers

Storage PTI/Digigate

Maglocks/Door Strikes

RFID Readers

Commercial Access Control Systems:

As a local business owner in Charlotte, NC we truly understand the importance behind having an access control system and the great benefits to having this convenient system. Having a commercial access control system on your property allows you to know who is coming and going, as well as the times they are coming and going from your establishment. It is also a convenient way to limit access or disable access when needed. Commercial Access control is also a deterrent for those that should not be coming on your premises.

Installation of Commercial Access Control Systems in NC, SC and GA:

Professionally installing an access control system includes installing electric locks on the doors as well as a proximity reader which will read your card, key tag or key fob. This will allow the key to either lock or unlock the doors depending on how the security software is set up. After the hardware is installed, a link will be established between the server and the controller which the administrator can then program to allow access. They are operated by simply swiping a card, key tag, or key fob that has been authorized to unlock the door.

Benefits of Commercial Access Control
  • Security is controlled in a central location preventing someone without an access card or pin number to enter your site
  • Manageable security with those who need temporary access to your site to help keep it secure
  • No more keeping up with keys or changing locks
  • Access can be added or taken away within seconds
  • In an emergency situation, doors can be locked or unlocked immediately
  • Allows secure restricted areas as needed for added security
  • Alllows identification cards with a photo, title, or work logo for id purposes as well as key access for large facilities or schools
  • Commercial Access Control Systems can be used to keep an audit trail for specific doors and areas

Adding Commercial Access Control to your NC, SC or GA business will ensure that you are aware of who is coming and going from your establishment keeping it safe and secure. Call Site Security, LLC today to find out more information about how a Commercial Access Control System can benefit your business. Site Security, LLC installs and services Commercial Access Control systems in the Charlotte and surrounding areas in NC, SC, and GA.


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